"Be" Handcrafted Artisan Soap Where Everything Is Made From Scratch With Love...

"Be" clean. "Be" aromatic. "Be" desirable.

Natural Antioxidant Enriched Soap

Give your skin a healing feeling.

Be Handcrafted Soaps are made from scratch with love...Luxurious line of bath and body essentials that nourish, moisturize, massage and relax your body.

  • Clean Ingredients

    We use the finest shea butters, oils, palm kernel flakes, sodium hydroxide, vegan milks, kaolin clay, tussah silk, sodium lactate, natural colorant, and biodegradable glitter...

  • Eco-Friendly

    I use organic essential oils and/or skin-safe fragrance oils in my scented soaps.

  • Quality Assured

    Every product we make is carefully inspected one by one to ensure quality.

  • Chemical Free

    We do not use harmful chemicals in any of our products.

Start your skincare today.

We use select fragrances as well as essential oils to scent most of my soaps. The finished product is a luxurious moisturizing creamy bar of soap that produces lots of lather and is gentle on your skin.

Handcrafted Soaps

The soaps are rich, silky and the scents smell unique and awesome. The soap had an abundance of long-lasting luxurious suds.

Facial Serums

Our luxurious facial serums are hydrating, anti-aging and improves skin elasticity. Be Serums are created with various plant based and organic essential oils leaving your skin with a healthy glow.

Butters, Scrubs, Souffles, and Lotions

Nourish and hydrate your body using our various skin conditioners formulated with clean rich oils, extracts, and naturally derived butters from sustainable sources. Our focus is to hydrate, enrich and promote healthy skin.

The natural dermatologist your skin needs.

Popular Products

  • Angel Baby for Her
    Angel  Baby is a Be Soap favorite!  It has blended notes of patchouli, sweet praline, red berries...
  • Basil Rose
    Basil Rose soap is custom blended with tuberose and basil fragrance oils which smells floral and ...
  • Basil Rose Body Soufflé
    A combination of sweet basil and tuberose...  Another "Be" favorite...    This thick silky cream ...
  • Caribbean Queen
    Caribbean queen is a Be Soap favorite with tart notes of sweet pineapple, acai berry, mango zest,...
  • Coconut Almond Body Soufflé
    A blend of Caribbean Coconut and Almond fragrance.    This thick silky cream is rich, moisturizin...
  • Lavender Body Soufflé
    This thick cream is rich, moisturizing and soothing on the skin.  It penetrates the skin intensel...
  • Madame CoCo Type
    The CoCo bar has a beautiful! intoxicating scent. This sexy soap creates an abundance of bubbly l...
  • Mango Madness!
    Mango Madness smells velvety sweet and fruity.  This tropical soap has citrus notes of sweet oran...
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